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You Are An “Eggcellent” Teacher Printable


Today we had our Easter Event at my son’s preschool and it made me realize more than ever how much I appreciate our teachers. 

Their day looks something like this::

They wake up early to get themselves and their families ready. They definitely have to be ready to hit the ground RUNNING once they arrive at their “office.” I have time to put my make up on in office parking lot, in the bathroom or even at my desk.

They are never late because they have to be ready and waiting for the incoming kids and parents. Regardless of their mood they happily welcome all with smiles on their faces. I have time to myself after my commute to maybe grab a coffee and chill after the stressful morning of getting my family ready.

On days like today they have already set up a list to organize a party. They have asked parent’s to supply party items, put together event activities and requested volunteers to help them accomplish the day’s activities. While I sometimes have to plan ahead for the day’s activities I certainly don’t have “event” days as frequent (read exhausting) as a teachers do.

There are mornings that all the “normal tasks” need to happen plus tons more – like today. The pledge of allegiance, morning announcements, snack time, lesson plan, recess, lunch time, more lesson plans, and much more. My work days vary in which tasks happen but for the most part I’m doing simlar things.

Clocking out doesn’t happen on their schedule. So many parents, myself included, have to fight traffic to get to school. There is always some variation on what time students will get picked up. And they are always there patiently waiting for all the kids to get picked up. I am able to leave at the exact same time everyday.

Along with alllll these things today I witnessed our teacher’s just being so sweet to all the kiddos, engaging little minds with animated voices during story time, helping with party craft projects as needed, keeping things orderly and quiet as the children completed one activity after the next. Redirecting with kind voices. Never missing a beat while stapling Easter bunny ears together and calmly asking for students to be considerate of little friends – one girl clearly had a sensitivity to loud noises.

I know most of us appreciate our teachers. But I challenge you to do a little something extra for them this holiday (download this easy printable to make an adorable gift – our teacher’s said “You’re always so creative!” – I promise yours will love it too) and to continue throughout the rest of year. Maybe its a giftcard / printable & gift, maybe a picture of your student with them, a note or drawing from your child. They are working tirelessly for the benefit of our children. And those teachers are some of the most important people in their lives.

So let’s give them all the gratitude they deserve…and make them feel “eggcellent!”

Download our printable HERE!

Consider using bakers twine to add a giftcard to the back of your printable – because those teacher’s NEED some fuel (read caffeine) in their lives y’all!

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