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As You Wish Summer Class Open House

Why Pick As You Wish Summer Classes?

With all the summer activities going on it’s hard to select which one(s) will be the best for your kids. I can tell you that As You Wish is HUGE in our house. Painting with kids is a little crazy sure, but the impact it makes on them is a lasting one. The process of selecting an item allows them to feel that independence, the painting portion is therapeutic, waiting to bring the item home builds patience, finally bringing that item home and caring for it requires responsibility. These classes will obviously have some major creativity flowing! That is why I can say that these classes are well-rounded and worth attending.

After our last Mommy & Me Event my daughter and I talked about their “What Color is Your Fun” motto and what that meant personally to us. It was things like, “spending time with family”, “watching a movie” and OF COURSE “painting” was right up there.

I highly recommend making As You Wish a program that you sign up for this summer. And guess what?! Their Summer Open House is coming up on April 27th from 3-7PM at your local store! Additional event details below.

Don’t let the heat this summer bring boredom to a boil!  Have a kaleidoscope of fun attending our summer classes!  Kids will discover bright, creative ways to express themselves through pottery and canvas as we focus on a new color each week! Have a creative adventure today.

Interested in our summer classes?  Come to our summer class open house on Wed. April 27th!  Your child can get hands on experience with some of the techniques, you can enter to win a free class, and if you sign up in studio during the open house for 2 or more classes you get a free Family Fun Pass*

*One Family Fun Pass per household

Family Fun Passes are punch cards with 8 pre-paid studio fees on them, valued at $64 and normally retail for $30.  All summer you can bring your family in to paint for just the cost of pottery.

Classes start June 6th and run weekly through July 22nd. Classes are just $20 including all time, instruction and the pottery piece or canvas.  Each week features a different color theme.  Some of the fun painting techniques, include painting with bubbles or creating art with paint drips. Many of the classes also give children the opportunity to learn about different art styles, including, Mexican Folk Art, Cubism, Pop Art and more.  Classes are recommended for children ages 5 and up and are offered at all 7 locations valleywide.  Go to for a complete class schedule.

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