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Why You Need to Take a Babymoon

What is a Babymoon?

“It’s a romantic getaway for parents to be. And something my husband and I consider an essential event before the birth of a baby. Especially when you have multiple children.”

Pregnancy is hard sometimes. So is being a parent.

And once you become a parent, especially in the early days, the marriage/dating life gets pushed to the back burner and the date nights sometimes get skipped. Or dates end up being take out food at home because the sitter cancelled or the kiddos got sick. Either way, it’s hard to pursue romance when your wiping butts and reading Curious George. #AmIRight? 

But, that time before a baby is born is so precious. It’s easy to get caught up in the preparations of bassinets, diapers, swaddles, the latest baby trends, the worries and fears etc. But, we need to remember how magical this time is too. How incredible it is that we are able to create life together. And although life will change, it will be so amazing to hold that little bundle of joy. We need to take the time out to look at our spouse and really appreciate them for who they are and why we fell in love with them in the first place. 

My husband and I have 3 other kids, so this baby will be #4. We decided to step away for one night only (once my mama got in town) and enjoy some quiet time together up in Strawberry, Arizona at The Strawberry Inn. To be honest, it was really hard to get out the door. I even considered just staying home. Kids were throwing a fit, 2 were fighting, I wasn’t even sure what I packed in my bag. It was a mess. But my husband looked at me and said, WE ARE GOING, go get your bag and get in the car. And boy, am I glad we went. 

So off we went….If you haven’t heard of this newly renovated hotel yet, you need to check it out. We had such a great time. The room felt SO comfortable. Like a home away from home. The bed was incredible, and most of all it was quiet. We could think, talk, laugh or honestly just relax with out interruption. After check in, we drove a few miles down the road to Pine, Arizona to grab some dinner and it was so delicious! The next morning we drove back into town to grab breakfast at the Randall House and made a few other stops at a fudge shop and a little honey stand. Our trip was dreamier then I expected! 

We came back SO rested, relaxed, happy and connected.

It’s incredible what one night away will do! And we are so thankful for The Strawberry Inn hosting us for the night. 

Have you ever taken a Babymoon? If so, did you stay local or head somewhere far away? 

If you attended our Bloom event in May, The Strawberry Inn graciously gave away 2 staycations/babymoons to 2 winners! Check out the Bloom Recap here! 

This post is sponsored. The Strawberry Inn hosted us, but as always, our opinions are honest and are our own. 

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