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Why Does It Have To Be So Hard?

Violence In Society

No one told me it was going to be this hard.

OK, yes, parenting is difficult. Adulting is difficult, it is hard to be “Mom” and to discipline. But what I am talking about is having to turn on the television and explain to my children what is happening in our world. The violence, the shootings at schools, the police shootings, the sometimes violent protests all the violence.

As an adult I search for answers quite often, so how in the world am I supposed to explain this to my young sons?

They are inquisitive, smart young men and they understand that people are getting hurt. They understand that things like this DO happen in quiet, calm neighborhoods and in fact, my kids now live in a world where they might have to practice “active shooter” drills in their schools- seriously? What is that? I didn’t have to do that as a child. I didn’t even know there was such a term as “active shooter?” As if going to school and dealing with the potential drama of bullies and homework and will I fit in wasn’t enough– now our kids have the threat of (God forbid) getting shot! That is just insane to me as a parent and since my brain is having enough trouble wrapping around it all, how on earth am I supposed to explain it all to my children.

However, I know I AM the adult in this scenario, this situation we call life and they DO turn to me and their Dad for answers and for comfort when they see all these real-life situations unfolding before their eyes.

I have to remember, while I may be scared and not really understand what to do or how to explain it, they are really, really scared! As the parents and adults, we need to be able to help them work through these feelings. It is just sad to me that these scenarios keep unfolding and keep playing out day after day after day.

I remember when it was safe to play outside in my neighborhood until the street lights came on, when I could run outside, ride my bike all over the neighborhoods, ride around and run free in the schoolyards, play hide and seek with all the kids in the neighborhood without fears or worries that someone might pull a gun on me.

I just wish my children had the same carefree times and carefree days.

Still, this is the life we are dealing with now. As a parent and as a mother, I just have to keep reminding myself, it is my responsibility to ensure my children are safe, understand what is happening without pushing any scare tactics in their face and let them know they are loved each and

I mean, isn’t that really what it boils down to? Reminding our loved ones, how much we care and how much we love them. So, I do. I remind my boys how much I love them and care for them (even when I may be angry at them for not cleaning their rooms or talking back to me), I say, “I Love You,” at the end of each day.

This world needs more “I Love You’s” and less of this violence… at least that is what I am hoping I am sharing with my children. 

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