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“Who Told You It Was A Girl?!”


There we were at our 20 week anatomy scan, patiently awaiting the second time we would see our baby girl and to make sure everything was healthy and normal.


Not even 10 seconds after she started, the ultrasound tech said the words that made my stomach drop…

“Who told you it was a girl?”

Clearly the previous ultrasound tech was incorrect! She did not hesitate to put our little baby’s manhood front and center on the screen and said, “that’s not a girl.” It was VERY obvious it was a boy but we were in shock. My husband repeatedly asked if she was serious. By the look on her face, she must have got some sort of pleasure out of informing us it was not what we thought it was. The next 5 minutes following were comical to say the least.

I could not. stop. crying. But not for the reason you may think…

I was laughing so hard, I was crying. Who does that happen to in this day and age??? Honestly, I thought it was the most hilarious thing that this had happened, and besides laugh, what else was I going to do? The surety that we received from the technician the time before, that it was “definitely a girl” had completely tripped us up. We hadn’t even thought about the possibility that the baby could be a boy. The entire situation felt like it was out of a sitcom! 

In retrospect, I wish I would have at least considered the possibility that our previous ultrasound could be wrong about the baby’s gender.  But the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind! We found out our first babies gender at 14 weeks so we were over-confident, to say the least.  It was such an odd feeling already having a girl name picked out. Even more, we started to prepare for a girl’s wardrobe and room! Then it all got flipped upside down! It is like an entirely different baby in your belly after that… I think that’s what is really weird about it. We would have been thrilled no matter what gender the baby was, but the bonding process had already started “thinking” it was a baby girl! Talk about a switch up! 

So I guess the lesson here is, don’t be impatient.

I feel bad for the poor little guy in the future, he will have to live with that mix up forever, especially when he looks back at the photos from the gender-reveal. Ugh! I do want him to know that the “lack of excitement” about him being a boy had nothing to do with that fact that he is a boy, just more so confusion thinking he was a girl!  Believe me, we would have had a much different gender reveal party… 

Have you ever had a mix up like this??  



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