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Where’s My Hotmess Mom’s At? Don’t Worry, You’re Not Alone, I’m One!

Where's My Hotmess Mom's At?

I’m one of those moms that want to be that Picture Pinteresty Perfect Mom, but hey, I’m NOT even close!

I’m that mom that is barely holding on! That day to day struggle of getting out the door is real! I’m not used to this Hotmess life style that I now call mine.

Before kids, I had this perfectly clean and organized house. Yes, I occasionally had a mound of clean laundry on the chair in our master from time to time but the entire house was pretty much spotless!

I kid you not, I would vacuum EVERYDAY. I was OCD when it came to cleaning and I would get insane about how the hand towel was hung, how the towels in the linen closet were folded and stacked or if there was water spots on the bathroom mirror. I despised crumbs or any spots on the counter, I would even get on my hands and knees to scrub the floors and baseboards. This continued on after I had my first born. I would even stack her toys neatly in the corner of the living room. When people would say “sleep when your baby sleeps”, I would clean. I was a sleep deprived cleaning mombie.

Fast forward to today, mom of two. I never thought how much would change after having my second child. I’m lucky if I get to vacuum once a week! There’s always dishes in the sink, some sort of crumbs on the counter, toys scattered everywhere throughout the house, and some clean laundry piled on the couch.

And I Don’t Care!

A good friend of mine recently told me, “Just remember there’s always something beautiful in your mess”.

That was exactly what I needed to hear! I’ve spent so much time worrying and making myself so stressed about the things that don’t really matter. I’m a mom of two precious happy daughters, so I leave those dishes in the sink and live in the moment with my girls.

Life is short and our babies grow up to fast! So put that broom down and go chase your kiddos around the house. And remember, you can be a hotmess but a wonderful mom at the same time.

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