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Where Are All the Moms?

When I first became a stay at home mom I made it a point to find other moms to connect with.

This wasn’t an easy task as there isn’t a directory or handbook for how to meet and make new mom friends. And it’s not always easy to connect with moms at a local play place because we are obviously distracted by watching our children. Lately other moms have come to me to ask about the various ways I’ve found these new friends of mine. Here is a list of places where you can find like minded mommas here in Phoenix.


  1. Facebookthere are so many groups that have moms connecting with moms right here in the valley. A few that I really like are Arizona Mommies and Momnationaz. Both of these sights allow moms to connect with each other. Arizona Mommies is a very relaxed space where anyone can ask questions, vent, share ideas, and also connect on a business side. Momnationaz is a little more structured. You are only allowed to post certain topics on specific days. They do offer events for play dates as well as adult nights. These are super fun and allow you to actually meet up with the moms you’ve met online.
  2. MOPS – also known as Moms Of Preschoolers, is a group that is nationwide. If you go on you are certain to find several different MOPS groups in your area. The one I go to is called Mission Bell MOPS, it is held at a church and we meet every other Thursday. We always start with breakfast and then do a craft, listen to a guest speaker, or put something together for charity. The best part about this group is that your littles are welcome! My toddler gets to play with other toddlers while my baby stays with me. I have found that this group is amazing. Everyone was so nice and immediately made me feel welcome.
  3. Modern Milk – this is an amazing place for moms. They have parenting classes, baby classes, feeding classes, lactation specialists, and my favorite work out classes. I have met so many moms just by simply working out.
  4. Local mom groups – I know certain neighborhoods also have mom groups. I am not personally involved with one but some of my friends are. Check your neighborhood bulletin boards or newsletters for info on these. 
  5. And of course West Valley Moms Blog, right here, is another great resource to connect with moms. We host awesome events such as Bloom and you can even connect with moms through the comments on our blogs.

All moms need someone to connect with on a mom level. I hope these resources help you find your next mom friend. Peace and love – Stephanie

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