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When There Is Ketchup On Your Phone…

When I say ketchup, I mean real, red, delicious, messy  ketchup…

As a new mom, I am not yet accustomed to the absolute, never ending  CRAZINESS of true “momlife”…

Yes, my almost 12 months old (insert crying, “how is my baby already a year old?” Mom face here) she climbs on everything and everyone. She gets into all the things. She occasionally screams at the top of her lungs just because she can. She is learning to talk and walk and get what she wants. And my days do not stop. 

But there are other days when we visit my other mom friends who have older toddlers, kids or multiple children and that’s when it really hits the fan… Days like today when I am in the midst of adulting and all of a sudden one kids starts crying because my little one bit her finger because she was trying to eat a Girl Scout cookie out of her little friends hand. Then as soon as we moms step in daddy calls and I realize that there is ketchup all over my phone from the hot dogs at lunchtime! Those same hot dogs that are now all over the floor while the laundry buzzer is going off and the 4 year old big brother is asking who will play soccer with him outside makes me realize that when there is ketchup on your phone it’s best to just say “nope”. 

As crazy as it felt being in that moment, mentally taking a step back is when I could feel my heart swelling.

Thinking of it now, only hours later makes my eyes water with all the feels. Because there will come a day when this is all behind me and never again will I experience the INSANE chaos of ketchup on my phone… So as long as this “mom life” is my real, crazy, everyday life, I vow to soak it up as much as possible. I have a short fuse as much as the next mom, but for now that fuse is just going to have to grow a little bit longer, just like my heart grew when that beautiful little girl entered our lives. That means that as she gets older and our days start to look more and more like today, I will continue to say “nope” and instead of getting flustered, hug my babies hard and know that it’s all good because ketchup washes off. 

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