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What Is A Doula?

Doula… what is a doula?

Pregnancy and childbirth are a very special, complex and memorable time for a family. Most families have ideal scenarios for how the intricate hours of labor and delivery will go. Involving a doula in this critical chapter of your family’s story has multiple benefits. The establishment of continual support, through a doula, is associated with improved maternal and fetal health and a variety of other benefits, including lower risk of induction and interventions and/or less need for pain relief.

Doula work has been widely practiced for centuries.

A Doula, or a birth- companion, is a non-medical person who assists a family before, during, and/or after childbirth. They provide pregnancy support, counsel, physical assistance and emotional support. Taking the time to explore the option of a certified doula might be the support your family desires to create the birth story of your dreams.

People are willing to hire and pay for a wedding coordinator, which is very necessary to ensure that a very special day goes well. In the same way that a wedding day is filled with much anticipation, hope, dreams and expectation so too is a labor and delivery. Peace of mind is always a good investment.

A doula is not only a birthing companion, they are also a continuous sounding board and counselor through the final weeks of pregnancy leading up to the birth. Another important thing to remember is that during delivery nurses/staff must come and go to tend to administrative duties.

A doula will stay by your side, continuously until your precious new baby joins the world. If you elect Sunshine Doula Services as your doula of choice, you will receive the following benefits to your family:

  • Suggestions that might encourage the progress of your labor
  • Support and assistance in your home, birth center or hospital
  • Assistance with pain coping techniques
  • Evidence based information that can assist you in making informed decisions
  • A journal of the details of your birth, put into story form from you doula’s  perspective
  • Labor photography and birth experience (optional)
  • Assistance for approximately 2 hours after birth to assist with cleanup, help with breastfeeding, family photos and making sure mom is fed! 😉
  • Follow-up postpartum visit to discuss birth experience, answer questions and present you with your “Birth Story” and photos

Sometimes couples wonder how a doula fits into the equation. A doula’s involvement does not dismiss or diminish the father’s role in the process. On the contrary, they are there to coach the mother through the discomfort and offer multiple suggestions. Which in turn, allows the father to be there physically and emotionally to support his partner. It frees him from having to know all the answers or remember every technique. It also enables him to take short breaks to rest, without leaving his partner alone, so that he can continue to be a solid support for the duration of labor, as well as when family returns home. A doula also serves as a valuable diplomat, navigating the waters with medical staff and extended family and friend visitors, always keeping the mother’s needs and best interest in the forefront.

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This is a sponsored post for Sunshine Doula Services. My opinions are my own and this post is an honest one.


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