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How to Watch the Gilmore Girls Revival Like a Gilmore Girl

pexels-photo-129207As I write this there are literally 17 days until the new episodes of Gilmore Girls are released on Netflix.. not that I’m counting down or anything!

Luke’s Diner day was amazing even though I missed the free coffee and waited in line for basically a cute cup and a photo op. I also got a speeding ticket on the way.. so there’s that. But I’d do it all again even knowing my fate!

You see, I watched Gilmore Girls while it originally ran and I was super bummed when it was over.  I grew up with Rory, she was like my TV bestie! I have since watched the series, a couple of times, thank you very much Netflix! So being a true Gilmore Girl fan I thought I’d come up with my game plan and share my tips on how you can watch the new episodes like a true Gilmore Girl!

Binge watch the new episodes.

It’s Black Friday, do your shopping online on Thanksgiving, take a long, after turkey, nap (inevitable anyways, am I right?) Also, be sure to block off your calendar until late Friday afternoon, better yet, leave the day open… you never know how much time you’ll need to recover from the loss of Gilmore Girls, yet again! 


Not sure if this needs any explanation but watching Gilmore Girls and NOT drinking coffee just feels wrong. Have you seen how caffeinated these girls are?  Be sure to have a Gilmore approved sized coffee mug, a small mug just will not do!


Gather your favorite junk food.

It’s not true Gilmore Girl binge watching without the accompanying table full of junk food. I hear you, Thanksgiving just happened and you got stuffed… but these girls could always eat more!  


Grab your best friend!

Gilmore Girl fans usually come in pairs so grab your Gilmore Girl loving friend and watch it together. I mean Lorelei and Rory don’t do the TV binging alone!img_2409

Soak it in!

They talk fast and these episodes will fly by because they’ll be so full of all the details we’ve been dying to know. Not to mention all that nostalgia! 

Re-watch again and again just like you did with the first 7 season’s.

I mean how many times have Lorelei and Rory watched the same movie they’d already seen 100 times? It’s just the right thing to do!

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