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Washi Tape Succulents

washi tape succulents3

The other day while at Dollar Tree picking up a few things, I stumbled upon the cutest little faux succulent plants! I get so excited about the awesome things I find at the dollar store… sometimes it’s craft supplies or things that are useful for homeschool. Either way, with a buck you can’t go wrong. So I put a couple in my basket, fully intending to craft with them once I got home. My daughter and I decided to break out “mom’s fun tape” for the occasion, so that we could create Washi Tape Succulents for Valentine’s Day!

washi tape succulents1

We gathered up all of the pretty pinks, reds, and floral patterned tapes we could find, although any color would do! Then we wiped down the plastic pots to remove any dust or dirt and got to work decorating. 

washi tape succulents2

We added strips of tape here and there. We even used 2 rectangular pieces of washi tape to make a heart shape! Aren’t they cute? Using a toothpick and more washi tape, we made a mini flag to add to the succulent as well. 

washi tape succulents4

Total cuteness, am I right?! These make cute decor pieces for around your home OR great gifts for teachers, coaches, friends, and neighbors for Valentine’s Day! And kids of all ages can get in on this. Lots of options on how to decorate using the washi tape! Now… run to your local Dollar Tree and pick up some of these adorable succulents so you can get your washi tape craft on too!

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