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Wanna Be A Better Momtog? 6 Simple Tips To Taking Better Photos of Your Kids

You want to take better photos of your kids but aren’t sure where to start?  

Why not start simple with  baby steps?  Sure, you can enroll in a photography course or watch all the YouTube videos you can to learn all the bells and whistles of photography, but honestly, just by doing these 6 simple steps you can take your skills from zero to hero!

1. Get Focused: Each camera or phone is different but most generally there are boxes that will appear on your viewfinder or screen. maker sure those boxes are on your subject (aka you child) for your camera to catch focus.  That will make your child in focus and not the tree or bush behind them. To step up your game even more try a photographer’s trick called “rule of thirds.”  If your camera has a grid, place your subject on one of the intersecting points. This helps draw your eye to the subject of the photograph and is more appealing than if the subject is dead center.

2. Avoid Flash:  Let’s be real, most of us do not have a fancy flash or equipment.  Also, we aren’t the paparazzi.  Flash rarely looks good. Most of the time it create the red eyes and terrible color casts.  If possible, avoid the flash.  Find complimentary light. *read number 5 to see how!
3. Get Closer:  The background can be a distraction that can swallow up your child.  By getting closer to your child you crop out those distractions and are able to capture what really matters your little one. 
4. Get Down on Their Level:  Sit down, enter their world lower. By setting up your angle on their level you’ll avoid shooting up nostrils or tops of heads.  You most likely are getting down on the floor to play with your kids, do the same with your pictures of them. 
5. Find the Light:  Light is everything. To achieve moody or light and airy images lighting plays a HUGE part.  For indoors, try placing your child next to a window. Natural lighting is SO much for appealing than our home ceiling lights. If you are outdoors, move into the shade so it is not too bright. Under a tree, next to a shaded wall or porches are great shady spots for photos. 

6. Prepare Specific Strategies: Planning out your photo opportunities can make a day of play with your kids memorable and fun. If you are planning on building a fort or playing board games, set up the play next to a window with plenty of light coming in.  Open all your shades in your kitchen and plan out the best time of day for lighting when baking cookies.  Most importantly, have your camera near by to pick up and shoot. You don’t want be racing around to find your camera when a pretty epic moment happens.

Set the stage so all you have to do is wait for those moments and click away!

Now, take your new skills and capture all those wonderful memories!


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