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Why We Wait….To Find Out Our Babies Gender

We are adults now. Which means we don’t get surprises anymore. Right?

Ok, maybe some, but not as much as when we were kids. I feel like everyone has to be all knowing these days. They MUST know the gender of the baby, they MUST know the exact due date (pfft to due dates, the baby comes when the baby wants.)

The biggest reason I hear people find out the gender is so that they can “prepare”. Which I get to some degree. But personally, my kids have NEVER used their nursery. At least not for the first few months. I exclusively breastfeed, so the baby is either in bed with me or right next to me in its bassinet or DockATot. It doesn’t make sense to me to walk all the way down the hall every few hours in the middle of the night to feed and change baby. Plus, hello attachment parenting. It’s a win/win for us. Calm babies, independent kiddos.

ANYWAY, I am so thankful my husband made me wait the first time. I had every excuse in the books the first time we decided to wait. I needed to prepare, I wanted to buy clothes, I wanted to decorate etc etc etc. But let me tell you, the day she was born, was incredible. But the MOST incredible moment, was hearing my husband screech (through sobs), “Its a GIRL!!!” I will forever remember that moment and it gives me goosebumps every single time I think about it. Birth is already so magical, but to have your husband be the one to find out the gender as he is watching a life come into this world is beyond magical. 

We have partnered with KB Cute Designs in a few ways recently, but one way I am so thankful for is our official “Gender Reveal” that we will do in the hospital! We have two swaddles, one for a boy and one for a girl. And everyone will know by the swaddle when they come in the room or when we decide to share on social media! When I received the swaddles, I messaged KB Cute because having both swaddles made me want to bring home TWO babies! (yes, I said it…not sure I meant it.) 😉 They are literally perfection!

My next obsession purchase is the knotted gowns. Which I will be picking up this weekend at Junk In The Trunk! YES, KB Cute Designs will be there with all their glorious baby products! Anyone else going?? 

And if you haven’t seen the sneak peeks yet, there will be a KB Cute Designs Beanie in EVERY VIP SWAG BAG at Bloom on May 6th!

Make sure you get your tickets! They are almost sold out!! See you there!

And cant wait to reveal our precious baby to you all! 

Photography by Acapello Photography 

This is a sponsored post with KB Cute. I received product to review but my opinion is my own and this post is an honest one.
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