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Voting Day With Your Kids


You DID IT! You got to the polls and cast your vote!

That’s an accomplishment right there.

And I sincerely say that, as a mom of 3, because I KNOW that adding even one more thing into your already full schedule is  A LOT. So go you!!!

But don’t miss the opportunity to talk to your kids about the voting process or dare I say take them with you to experience this patriotic process with them.

Tips for take kids to the polls:

  • Eat first:: Grab a good meal because you don’t know exactly how long those lines will be!
  • Entertainment is essential:: Consider bringing a tablet, book, travel games or Our Voting Printable.
  • Wipes + sanitizer:: Incase a snack is needed.
  • Snack + hydrate:: Bring something goodies to keep your little tag along happy.
  • Diaper bag packed:: Make sure you have all your “normal items” for your kiddo.
  • Know the area:: For potty breaks, etc.
  • Plan ahead:: If this process is too much for you than consider doing an early ballot and turning it in with your kids to avoid the lines.

Kids voting printable

Talking points::

  • Consider sharing the voting process with your kids by using our simple Voting Printables you can download HERE and HERE.
  • Ask what they already know about voting. You might be surprised to learn that have a basic understanding already.
  • Some of the topics we cover are:: Who is the current president? Why do we vote? How old do you have to be to vote? Do you have to register to vote?
  • Other activities we included are drawing the winning presidential candidates face, a space for them to talk about their day at the voting poll, creating a picture with their “I Voted Today” sticker and a change for them to color their own sticker if they didn’t get to go to the polls.

What do you think about our Voting Printables? Will you take the opportunity over the next day or so to talk to your kids about the voting process?

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