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Velvet Pumpkin Decor

Real stem velvet pumpkin

I am seriously LOVING the look of the velvet pumpkins I have seen all around the fall decor sections in stores. My eye loves the rustic look and my mind thinks that these are certainly more child proof than the styrofoam/glitter/ceramic version out there. It’s basically a beanbag with a stem. HELLO!

The premade pumpkins are available in most stores. I found them at Target, Hobby Lobby and online at Wayfair, Zulily and more! I noticed that most of the premade pumpkins have a plastic or metal stems, which I don’t love as much as the natural version that gives a lovely, whimsical look.

Are you making a pumpkin from scratch? Visit the link HERE. For a simple how to on making your fabric pumpkin portion. Tip:: Use dental floss instead of thread.

If you’re like me you might consider doing  a partial DIY. I purchased a premade velvet pumpkin at Target and removed the artificial stem and replaced with the real deal. 


I removed the stem of a pumpkin I purchased just for this project. Tip:: Consider drying the pumpkin stems to ensure that the fabric isn’t damaged by the moisture and pumpkin meat. See how to dry a pumpkin stem HERE. 

This being my first try I didn’t do this step. 😉 I just carved off as much meat as possible and attached the stem right away. Which did not cause damage to the fabric. 


I started by cutting off the real stem. I scraped off as much of the meat as possible. Some tutorials recommend using sand paper to make sure you don’t have an pumpkin reminants. 


I drilled a hole with scissors  into my pumpkin stem to make sure the glue held it securely.

Once my real stem was ready, I removed the artificial stem off my premade velvet pumpkin. 

I added hot glue to the stem and placed it carefully at the top of my velvet pumpkin. Be careful with this as you don’t want glue coming from the bottom of the stem. My premade pumpkin had a little felt at the top that made the stem easy to secure on the pumpkin base. 


Adding a stem to a premade version is tricky because the glue will show at the edges which is an eye sore. My solution to this was to add a little ribbon embellishment around the base of the stem for a more finished look.

Pumpkin decor

And that’s it! What do you think of my completed velvet pumpkin?

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