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Valentines Pretzel Buttons Recipe

Did you just get an email to sign up for a store bought snack for the Valentines Party in your child’s class? AND it’s tomorrow!?!

Do you have any clues on how to make it fun for the kids to make and not to mention without buying those sugar cookies covered in pasty frosting with sprinkles? Or two too many trips to the grocery store all the while standing in the bakery aisle wondering what items are gluten free or sweet but not overloaded? Cupcakes, Boxes of Sweethearts, Starburst (getting all stuck in their teeth) … HELLO dentist appointment!

Fear not! I gotcha…Valentine’s Pretzel Buttons!

And this is totally my go to with mini Reese’s too if you like Peanut Butter or Rolos if you like caramel.

Just these 3 little ingredients and an oven! 

Valentine's Pretzel Buttons
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  1. Pretzels
  2. Stripped Hersey's Kisses (Hugs)
  3. M&M's
  1. Set oven to 300 (maybe 10 minutes of warming)
  2. Place Hersey's Kisses Hug on top of each pretzel
  3. Once the oven is at 300• warm the Kiss/Hug for 10 minutes to slightly melt
  4. After 10 mintues remove from the coven and add an M&M on top
  5. DON'T over cook them - leave in just long enough to melt - Wallah!!
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Done – AND – the kids can do this themselves (minus controlling the oven and popping them in ‘n’ out.) Quick little sweet ‘n’ salty snack! I am not a gluten free Mom but pretzels come in Gluten Free too! 
I hope you love ️them! 

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