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To Accessorize or Not to Accessorize?

Mama style is a funny thing.

Some go the “momiform” route with athleisure and workout gear while others have the staple pieces of jeans and a basic tee.

I think I fall somewhere in the middle with a combination of both. I mean, a girl needs those days of still feeling like she’s in her jammies and other where she feels like she’s slightly put together.

The reality for me since being a mom is regardless of what I’m wearing, accessories just don’t happen. Babies pull and their hands have some sort of magnetic sticky to them because when they grab hair or a necklace, it’s yanked and either broken you have end up with a bald patch.

I still love the idea of something to up the ante on an outfit though so when I came across Little Biting Tree on Instagram, I thought it was perfect!
My daughter is 7 months and a teething machine. She finally popped 2 teeth last week and I’ve been wearing my necklace from Little Biting Tree almost daily and it’s the first thing she grabs at, sucks on and is completely satisfied and content. Win! From the simple styles to the organic feel they offer, it makes any outfit feel a bit more pulled together while also offering teething relief for a little one – genius.
What’s your thought? Are you a jewelry wearer with kiddos running around? Do tell!


This is a sponsored post for Little Biting Tree. As always our opinions are our own and this review is an honest one. 

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