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Tips For Moving to New Area

Moving to a new area can be and exciting, but stress situation!

As a real estate agent, I am going to give you some of my best advice for moving to a new area! Hopefully this list can help take some of the stress out of it, so you can spend more time being excited!

Once you have decided to move…

Social Media accounts to follow:

-Local libraries
-the parks and rec department or the parks in your area
-Local sports complexes-major league and minor league
-Local schools
-local mom groups
-your church
-local news stations
-Venues that have concerts, shows, and festivals

Advice for your moving truck:

-Check that all hotels along the way have adequate parking for a moving truck in their parking lot
-Check toll amounts and weigh station laws for moving trucks
-Overestimate your size!! You probably own more items than you think!
-If you are having a company move your items make sure you find one that will charge a flat fee for you stuff and not go by weight. Often times companies that estimate your moving costs by weight will be under and charge you a larger fee after your items are on the truck.
-Check to see if the moving company charges more for valuables like tvs, fish tanks, and large mirrors. Also check to see if they require special packaging for them or if they charge extra to safely packing them for you.

Work with a real estate agent

-Whether you are looking to rent a house or buy one!
-The sooner you get connected, the better! They can help you select an area, neighborhood and can pass along info on schools and communities. Agents that work with buyers usually do not charge a fee (I don’t) to help you find a house! They will arrange all of the showings and schedule everything so you don’t have any of the stress of calling multiple people or scheduling.
-If you don’t know an agent in your new area then ask one in your current area to help you find one! They can refer your business out!

How to Select an Area:

-Prioritize what is most important to you so you can narrow down neighborhoods (i.e HOAs, Schools, location to stores or parks)
-Decide how long you are willing to commute to work (check traffic during rush hours so you have an accurate commute time)
-Spend a few days driving around before you start to look at houses. If you stop in a neighborhood and see someone outside, make a new friend and ask how they like living in the area!
-You can check websites for local crime, sex offenders, and other news that might affect if you want to live there

Random Thoughts

-Ask your friends on Facebook if they know anyone in your new area. Then you will have a local connection and possibly a new friend before you even move! They can also help with any questions you might have about your new home!
-Call local retailers and ask what days they get their shipments. Stop by a day or two later and see if you can have their boxes! Or check their dumpsters for free moving boxes!

GET EXCITED! A new area is a new adventure! You’re never going to know where you love to live if you don’t check out new places!

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