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The Strawberry Inn the Rim’s Luxury Boutique Hotel + Discount Code


Who doesn’t love a getaway?! In life we sometimes forget to take time for ourselves.

Add the title of mommy (daddy, etc.) and “me time” is no longer part of the equation. Sure a little treat here and there for ourselves *coughs Target trip alone coughs* but I’m talking something special, something that will REALLY get you feeling refreshed. I’m talking about a trip or some extended time away.

I personally am no expert at this. For our family, the definition of vacation soon became a term to describe visiting out-of-state family with kids in tow.

Now DISCLAIMER I LOVE to go visit family with our tribe of three kiddos but racing around like crazy to get to an airport and battling little ones to fly from one state to another is not my definition of a relaxing vacation. For years it was though. I realized only in the last year that my husband and I were not taking enough time for us. Yeah we did a lot of quick little staycations *hello easy planning to get one night of coverage for a local stay* but I wasn’t feeling like this was enough. It took me 7 years….SEVEN YEARS PEOPLE…to take a getaway vacation with just my husband and myself. I still am scratching my head wondering how we let that.much.time.pass…oh yes that’s right – parenthood! It is a very big “distraction” from me/us time. In 2009 we had a 2 week honeymoon in Kauai (pure bliss) and in 2016 we took a trip to San Diego I secretly planned for my hubby’s birthday. It was ah-mazing. To travel at our own pace and just blast our tunes on this parents only roadtrip…I can’t explain how great it was. From that moment I promised myself never again would we go so *insanely* long without taking time just for us…I’m talking a TRUE getaway.


This year I had the wonderful opportunity to stay at The Strawberry Inn for my birthday with my Mr. This trip seemed perfect since our last getaway was for his birthday. Another scenic road trip with my hubby?!…sign me up! I’m a desert gal through and through but I sure do love to get up north. Something about the slow transition from saguaros to pines trees just really is such a perfect switch from the every day life hustle to the relaxing vacation mode for me.

Prior to our arrival to Strawberry, Arizona we got an email with a code for a lock box with our key to our room. No hassle of having to check in with a front desk person – perfect! We grabbed our bags and made ourselves right at home. We were in serious vacation mode and just hung out in our room and had a little charcuterie tray along with a couple cocktails before unpacking. Once we got all settled we RELAXED! Yup! Imagine that. We read a couple pages of our books, watched a show and headed across the street for dinner. 


We were honestly looking forward to a slow vacation and enjoying this BE-AUTIFUL boutique inn. And our room did NOT disappoint. From shiplap walls to tufted chairs this recently renovated inn tucked into the pines couldn’t be more perfect! 


The next day we enjoyed some delicious breakfast at The Randall House – all I have to say is Salmon Scramble! I was craving this dish for the next few days. We headed back to our room at The Strawberry Inn because how could we not send as much time in such a sweet space?! I mean allll the details and the bet hospitality. Like a handwritten birthday card!…when was the last time you got that on a vacation!? I was honestly pretty sad to head home that day! But I’m so excited to be planning a girls trip back this summer!


Have you been thinking to visit The Strawberry Inn? Well now is the time! Head over and make your reservations and enjoy a 10% discount on stays booked directly through their site. Enter #westvalley10 at checkout. Good for reservations now through the end of August!  Kid friendly (pull out sofa) & pet friendly rooms are available.

Are you booking soon? Make this your spot and you’ll leave with a big smile just like I did! 😉 Tell us what you are planning a trip for – we want to hear!


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The Strawberry Inn

5073 AZ-87, Strawberry, AZ 85544

(928) 202-7790

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This is a sponsored post. We were hosted by The Strawberry Inn for a review of their amenities. As always our opinions are our own and this post is an honest one.


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