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Halloween Is Against My Religion

Other than the movie Hocus Pocus, I hate Halloween. I mean when I say hate, I truly dislike every. single. thing. about it. I grew up celebrating Halloween. And I have no bad memories whatsoever. I actually have really good memories like getting ready with my sisters, picking out costumes etc. And those things do […]

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DIY Good Behavior Jar

Good Behavior Jar

We have a strong willed child, sweet, lovable but strong willed. If your child is anything like mine he or she already knows what they want, when they want it. We’ve been working on instilling good behaviors as we teach our children what we expect from them.  Part of that is rewarding good behavior when we […]

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Tips for a More Peaceful Bedtime

Tips for a More Peaceful Bedtime

Oh no, it’s one of “those” posts.  The kind that gently, yet with a subtle hint of smug,  lists these “super simple” steps to some parenting challenge that has had you pulling your hair out for days/weeks.  How to potty train in 5 hours…….3 simple phrases to end temper tantrums forever……10 ways you’re screwing up as a mom…….14 […]

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