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Body acceptance

Body Acceptance: It Begins at Home

Body Acceptance How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and complained about your muffin top or love handles as you get dressed for the day? Chances are, you probably do this more often than you realize. But how many times have you stopped yourself from doing so because your child is […]

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10 Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix

10 Best Kid Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix

Eating out tonight? Try one of these family friendly restaurants in the Phoenix area. These picks are places that my kids always ask to go to and we don’t mind taking them.  1. CRAVE Waffle Sandwich Creations This NEW restaurant is at the top of my family’s list for comfort food. While we’ve only had lunch there, they also […]

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Tips for a More Peaceful Bedtime

Tips for a More Peaceful Bedtime

Oh no, it’s one of “those” posts.  The kind that gently, yet with a subtle hint of smug,  lists these “super simple” steps to some parenting challenge that has had you pulling your hair out for days/weeks.  How to potty train in 5 hours…….3 simple phrases to end temper tantrums forever……10 ways you’re screwing up as a mom…….14 […]

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