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How To : Tackle Family Pictures

My husband has never been one to enjoy taking pictures, even from day one of dating. It was a battle but he would end up doing it simply to appease me.

I learned Christmas was about the only time I’d get professional sessions out of him and even after our girls joined the family, that’s about all I get too.

I’m a firm believer that it is almost necessary as a family to get updated, professional images each year because those little ones change so much! Cherish that and watch them grow through still images you can keep and frame forever.

Now that’s easier said than done, am I right? We’ve tackled a few sessions since having 3 kids in our hands and I’m here to help walk you through making that process a little easier.

Shall we?

BIBERY– I’ll start it right there because bribery is a beautiful thing with little ones. Clearly you don’t have to do much with a newborn or infant because if they’re just not having it, they’re not having it but toddlers and older kiddos? You bet! I bring dum-dums, the iPad, toy treats they love and even say if they give me good smiles, we will get ice cream! Works like a charm. The babies? Try to schedule as much as you can are full bellies and nap time so they’re at least sitting pretty without tears.

PLAN AHEAD– Pull outfits ahead of time! Lay everything out to make sure it coordinates and get the accessories with it too. Headbands, shoes, ties or belts. ALL OF IT. It’s also a good thing to pack that bribery bag ahead of time too… As for outfits, think coordination versus matchy, matchy. You don’t want more than one pattern in the mix so they don’t fight each other and neutrals are your best friend.

GO WITH THE FLOW– When hiring a professional to take the pictures, just let them do their job. They know kids, they know how to capture the natural love between you all so my biggest tip is take a deep breath, enjoy the process and let them work their magic. If that means your toddler has a sucker in their mouth, so be it! You’ll be surprised how many amazing shot you’ll still end up with if you think it was a disaster. That’s why photographers can take all my money! It’s worth it.

What are some other tips you would spread along to fellow mamas? Send them my way.

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