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Sweet Treats at Sodalicious!

Growing up it was always a fun thing for myself and brother knowing our weekends consisted of some kind of outing getting ice cream.

My dad was obsessed and we weren’t far behind him but it was a known fact, if it was a Saturday afternoon after chores were done, you better believe we were about to ride our bikes to Dairy Queen on the corner for a cone.

I have an 11 year old son, and 2 daughters, ages 2 years and 3 months so it’s becoming part of my normal to initiate those same fun outings and treats with my kids. My son has a sweet tooth and would eat chocolate for every meal if I let him, but Emery (my 2 year old) isn’t a huge fan…until recently when she learned what a cookie is.
We were told about this cute soda shop, Sodalicious about a year ago and since we tried it back then, my son constantly asks if we can swing by when we’re in the East Valley. Being in Peoria makes it a committed drive but we’ve done a couple trips just for drinks and to stock our freezer with some yummy cookies. So when we were headed to the zoo recently, Emery was all about “ookie! ookie! ookie!” and snagged their classic pink frosted sugar cookie seconds after we walked in Sodalicious. Gal after my own heart – sugar cookies all the way!
I simply love the concept of making memories and if it’s through sugaring up my babies, let’s do it! It’s now our routine if we’re headed to the zoo, we hit the Sodalicious in Mesa for a soda and a cookie to walk around.
What are some fun things you do with your kiddos they have come to expect? I mean we’re all going to blink and they’re in college so we better embrace it while we can! 🙂
This is a sponsored post. Sodalicious hosted our team but my opinion is my own and this post is an honest one.


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