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Surviving Mom Life With Daily Rhythms

Surviving Mom Life With Daily Rhythms

I had a great convo with a friend the other day about personality tests and how our results can affect our day to days so differently. She’d describe herself to you as a free spirit and I’d say I’m more of a scheduled OCD Type A. (read: sometimes-crazy lady) We discussed how hard it is not to compare ourselves with other mommas, especially the ones who seem to be opposite of ourselves…

I see the free spirits and think that I could use a big ole’ dose of freedom in my life, and she sees the more strictly scheduled types and sometimes thinks that maybe she could use a bit of that in hers.

We are all different though, amen? Thank you Jesus, for not creating more than one of me…for so many reasons.

So, those friends that do things a lot differently than we do – do they have a secret we are missing out on? What about the friends with a lot of similar personality traits? (ie: scheduled, spontaneous, go-with-the-flow, list-oriented, etc.) Does that mean that our lives have to be mirror images of each others? Does that mean we should use each other as a measuring stick for success? How do we make sure we are getting the most out of our days, regardless?

I read something once, suggesting that us wives/mommas make a list of the things that we need to do for our sanity. What needs to happen in the course of a day/week/month in order for US to sleep well at night? Keep in mind that these lists should look more like “rhythms” covered in grace and not rigid schedules that set us up for failure. 

Real talk: If I can keep up with my house, spend quality time with my kids, and have something edible (and maybe even healthy) on the table for dinner then I’m feeling pretty darn good about myself. I’m not curing cancer or solving world peace with these goals, but for me…they keep me in the happy place. Everything else – play dates, errands, adult conversations over coffee – those are all a bonus if/when they end up on my calendar! So, my days are planned accordingly:

Rhythms, not schedules. (With the occasional time restraint for doctor appointments, school functions, and such.)


Here’s a look at our daily rhythms now that school is back in sesh:

Download the FREE printable HERE to help navigate what you want your daily rhythms to look like!

What is YOUR personality type? Are you an all-or-nothing type momma? A que sera sera type momma? Or a somewhere-in-between type momma? What are your to-do list must haves when it comes to your sanity? Let’s choose to walk in freedom knowing that God created us to be different people, and let’s ROCK those differences instead of giving in to comparison, yeah?!

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