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Summertime Fitness with Kids!

Summer in Phoenix with kids can often make you feel as if you’re trapped indoors.  Whether you have younger children, or even older kiddos, this list of summer fitness tips with kiddos may be helpful to beat the heat!

Get your outdoor activity done early.

 I’m talking 6:00-7:00 AM early. If you’re kiddos are early risers, head outdoors as soon as they are done with breakfast.  Go for a quick bike ride, head to a park, or even take a jog around the neighborhood. Even in the middle of the summer with a newborn in a stroller or carrier, this was doable for me.  Just bring lots of water, a spray bottle with cold water, hats and sunscreen, and plan for it to be a quick outdoor session.

Hit up a new pool.  

We have lots of great recreational pool areas available on the west side.  We’ve taken advantage of the city parks and rec pools, and particularly love Glendale’s and Surprise’s city pools, which feel more like a water park than a city pool!

Splash pads.  

Again, we still like to hit these early in the day.  Evening around sunset would also be great! Bring snacks, plan for you and your kiddos to get soaking wet, and of course wear hats and sunscreen!  We recently hit up the Westgate splash pad during one of their summer events called “Westgate Wednesdays”. These evening events feature a character meet and greet, games, dancing, and prizes!  Tip: bring in a receipt from a featured store located in Westgate to cut the line! Be sure to check their website for restrictions.

Indoor play areas, gyms with open hours, jumping/trampoline venues.

Our favorites for the summer days are Playgrounds, Pump It Up, Jump Street, SkyZone, Luv2Play, and Uptown Jungle.  Many local gyms will feature an hour or two of “free play” during their daily schedule, where you can pay a set fee (like $5 per child) to let them use the gym facilities for the hour.  This is a great deal when you don’t want to commit to a longer day, but still want them to get their wiggles out.

When all else fails: YouTube.

 If you have 3-30 minutes to devote at the end of a long day where kids need to expend some energy, pop on a video and watch them light up with joy!  Our favorite is Cosmic Kids Yoga, but we’ve also enjoyed Refit Revolution, Kidz Bop videos, and GoNoodle. I love that the yoga series teaches kiddos to tune in to their breath and emotions, while some of the other channels are just fun exercise with lots of movement and energetic excitement!  

Here’s hoping these tips help us all to stay sane and make it through the Phoenix heat.  Keeping kiddos active will improve both their physical and mental health–and yours, too!  



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