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How To Store Your Seasonal Items

How To Store Your Holiday Decor

Getting your home season ready is a great way to prepare for the months ahead. The challenge is you may not have a good system for organizing and storing seasonal items.

As busy moms, that could mean you either dread the process of finding certain items, or you get overwhelmed and don’t bother preparing at all.

At Desert Storage, we have an effective way to help you organize and store seasonal items when you’re not using them. So you can look forward to getting ready for whatever season is next.

General Tips

  1. Store items you only use seasonally for the remainder of the year. Choose a place that’s easy to access, but doesn’t take up too much vital space. If your garage and basement are already full, a storage unit is the best solution.
  2. Organize and store relevant items into plastic bins if possible. For example, you can keep all of your summer items in one box and all of your Christmas items in another. Remember to use labels!
  3. Declutter after each season ends. If there are items you didn’t use this year, there’s a good chance you won’t use it next year either. And if you get a new item, get rid of an old one.

Storing Your Summer and Pool Items

Storing Summer & Spring Items

Patio Furniture

The most ideal place to keep your patio furniture is in a storage shed or self-storage unit. This will prevent your garage from cluttering up, and keep your items safe from dings and other damage that can typically happen in a high traffic area.

Before you store your patio furniture, be sure to give it a good scrub. Use oil soap to clean wood furniture and a sanitizer to clean cloth cushions. Let everything dry completely. Then, store furniture (stacked when possible) under a cloth cover.

Swimming Pool Equipment

When you’re done using the pool for the season, it’s important to properly store pool vacuums, skimmers and step ladders. We suggest keeping these in a storage shed or storage unit—where the items won’t take up critical space. Be sure to wipe down everything and let it dry completely before storing.

Pool Toys and Rafts

Similar to patio furniture, you’ll want to clean pool toys and rafts before storage. Let them dry in the sun for a day or two. Then, deflate what you need to and store in a plastic bin or deck box to protect from dust, dirt and pests.

Storing Fall and Winter Items

Storing Fall & Winter Items

Outdoor Decorations

Lights, wreaths and blow-up decorations can be stored in your garage, storage shed or storage unit to ensure they look good year after year. Here are some tips on storing each one:

  • Lights should be taken down mindfully and wrapped up to prevent tangling. You can wrap lights around hangers or cardboard if you don’t have the original plastic carrier.
  • Wreaths should be cleaned, wrapped in soft cloth (like old blankets or towels) and stored in a large plastic bin that’s not overstuffed with other items.
  • Blow up decorations need to be cleaned, deflated and stored (heavy parts first) into a plastic bin or the original box.

Holiday Home Decor

Storing your home decorations, like figurines, towels and ornaments, is pretty simple. Just group items by their holiday or general season. For example, you could keep Valentine’s Day decorations with Easter decor (since they’re may not be as many items to fill one box).

Once you’ve sorted them by relevancy, carefully store them into a corresponding plastic bin. Storage bins should be roughly the same size for easy stacking, and they should have a tight fitting lid. Now, label each box with its contents and store in your dedicated space. When the next holiday comes around, you’ll know exactly where to find the right decorations and you’ll have everything you need to start decorating.

Check It Off Your To-Do List

If you want to be better prepared for the season ahead, download our free Seasonal Storage Checklist . It has every step you need to successfully organize and store your seasonal items.

If you’re interested in storing seasonal items in a storage unit,  contact us or visit one of our locations to speak to a storage expert.


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