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Stage Your Home Like a Pro!

Selling your home can be an overwhelming and stressful process! Many real estate professionals (including myself) will stress the importance of staging your home before you list it on the market. Staging can not only help your home look more appealing to potential buyers, it can also help you get a quick sale and the sales price you are looking for! 

Here are a few easy and inexpensive staging tips to help you completely transform your house! 

1.       Clean! Clean! Clean!

Buyers want a clean house. Areas of a home that are untidy or dirty are distracting and become a negative that the buyers will focus on. Buyers are more willing to overlook areas that need updating if they are clean and in good condition, as opposed to dingy and broken. Just keep telling yourself “A clean house is a sold house!” 

2.       Declutter!

Follow the 70/30 rule for EACH room in your house. Walk in to each room and remove 70% of the items in it. Less is more when it comes to staging!  You plan to sell your home and will have to remove everything eventually.  This step will give you a head start on your packing! If boxes can’t be stacked neatly and out of the way, you may want to consider getting a storage unit. You don’t want the boxes to take away from the size of a room! Buyers will open cupboards and closets, so don’t forget to declutter those as well! Decluttering will make your home look cleaner, rooms look bigger and help the buy visualize themselves in your space. 

3.       Go Neutral

 Bold colors are not for everyone. It’s always a safe bet to save those for accent pillows and accessories and leave the walls and other major areas of the home on a neutral scale. Neutral walls can help others visualize the space to fit their taste and a fresh coat of paint is an instant face lift in any room!

4.       Add Greenery

 Plants are a great way to add so much to a room for so little! They help the room feel more alive, serve as art, and add color and warmth to a home.  Add one green plant to each room of your home (real or fake).

5.       Create Focal Points

 Each room of your house should have a clearly defined purpose and focal point to help enforce it. The focal point can also help make the room memorable.  Many rooms of your home might already have a focal point. Now it’s your job to showcase it: a fireplace, large windows, or a great view. You might even have something in your house that you can use to create a focal point for a specific room: a large mirror or piece of art, a bold piece of furniture, a light fixture or fabrics (curtains, a bedspread, throw pillows). The focal point should immediately draw your eye as you enter the room!


Following these steps will help get your home in top selling shape and have you feeling like a staging pro!  

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