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St. Patrick’s Day Kids Craft

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up…

What to do, what to do…

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up there are so many options for different ways to celebrate with your kids. As I contemplated what to do this year, it happened! I saw a Facebook Memories post from a friend who did a craft with her kiddos last year and I thought “How cute!” I instantly knew it was the perfect, simple and fun craft to do with my daughters. And come on, “perfect, simple and fun”? It doesn’t get much better than those three words for a mom!

Even though I loved the craft already, I immediately searched the internet for other St. Patrick’s Day kid crafts and this one along with many others popped up. However, this was THE cutest and and the instructions are super simple! How hard can a hand painted craft be? PLUS, the best part is it doesn’t require many items!

My daughter Jenna was so excited when I was buying all the supplies. I showed her what we will be doing and she was ecstatic to have her hands painted, which was surprising. If you know me and if you know my daughter, you know we don’t like to get messy. We don’t like our hands dirty or with any sort of mess on us. But with this craft, we are stepping out of our comfort zone! We not only attempted, but completed the craft with nothing but fun and laughter. And just a little mess… *wink wink 


  • Paint (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and gold)
  • Paper plates to dip hands/feet into paint (for easy clean up)
  • White and black construction paper
  • Scissors to cut the construction paper to make the black pot
  • And your kiddos hands or feet


Paint hands and feet, and stamp on paper in a rainbow shape. Cut a pot shape out of the black construction paper and glue it on at the end of the rainbow. Then use a small round sponge or your thumb prints to stamp little gold pieces to look like coins on top of the pot, around it, or wherever you like! Most importantly, remember to make a fun mess! Well, only if you have paint that’s easy to clean up 🙂 messes don’t last long, but good memories last forever!

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