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West Valley Moms Blog:: St. Patrick’s Day Round Up!


Hey All! Here is a quick round up of all our West Valley Moms Blog 2017 St. Patrick’s Day Posts for you! 


An Easy St. Patrick’s Day Craft to do with your Kido’s

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up… What to do, what to do… With St. Patrick’s Day coming up there are so many options for different ways to celebrate with your kids. As I contemplated what to do this year, it happened! I saw a Facebook Memories post from a friend who did a craft with……….

St. Patrick’s Day Kids Craft



A yummy Side Dish for your St.Patty’s Day Festivities

Yes, that’s right, Fried Cabbage Patties! Trust me, they’re delicious! I remember, in the beginning of my husband and I’s relationship, we went over to his parents house for dinner. My mother in law made fried cabbage patties as a side dish to a pork chop dinner. I was skeptical, but I always try something……….

Fried Cabbage Patties Recipe



A Fun Painting activity you can do with the kids!

As many of you may know we are ambassadors for As You Wish. When we were deciding on our St. Patty’s Day project I wanted something I could use year round. If you know me you know I love all things clean, modern and in shades of gray/white. Basically polar opposite of St. Patty’s Day (oops hehe!) But this is how I married my personal style with this festive and VERY GREEN holiday!……….

Painting With As You Wish For St. Patrick’s Day + Mint Cookie Recipe



The easiest Corned Beef & Cabbage Recipe we have seen yet!

Ahh, St. Patrick’s day. One of my favorite holidays. No, I don’t like green. No, I don’t like to drink a lot. No, I’m not super Irish (let’s get real, they don’t celebrate it anyways!) I love this holiday specifically for the food. I’ve never really celebrated the holiday with a certain meal either. It……….

St. Patrick’s Day Corned Beef & Cabbage!




Some ADORABLE printables to share with your kids and friends!

If you’re like me you’re always looking for way to remind the kiddos of their manners. I’m constantly reminding them to say their please and thank you’s.  The other day they did exactly what they were supposed to and I even got a compliment, I was so proud of them.  I believe adding in “manners”……….

St. Paddy’s Day Printable – Cool Kids With Manners

From all of us at West Valley Moms Blog, we hope you enjoy these fun posts as much as you enjoy your 2017 St. Patrick’s Day! 




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