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Spring Decorating Trends

Hello Beautiful Mamma’s! It’s Destiny from Just Destiny here today to share some inspiring decorating trends this spring for your home! Most of the time when we hear the word TREND, you think of of couple of different things. One, something that won’t last and two, something that EVERYONE has. But that’s not always the case. Especially if you use trends the right way. How you ask?

Here is one question to think about before you jump on any “trend”…

Does it match your style and aesthetic? Don’t just by anything for your home. Make sure the trend is something you truly love and if it does 9 times out of 10 it’s going to flow with the rest of your house.

Check out some trends this season that you just might want to add to your home this season:

Blue Decor Trends

Classic Blue:

It maybe a pretty Chinese vase or a ikat pillow but classic  blue is back this spring and it’s gorgeous. Try it out in your living room or kitchen this spring using vases or dinnerware. Blue is one of those colors that instantly adds warmth and coziness to a room. 

Floral Decor Trends


Florals are also be on the list when it comes to Spring trends. How could it not be? Pillows, blankets, and natural, organic arrangements are all the rage this spring. I personally love a fresh flower arrangement in my home this time of year! 

Pastel Decor Trends


Patones Spring 2015 color collection this year include colors like glacier gray and lucite green that will make you want to dust off your picnic basket or throw a Spring Soriiee! These colors definitely blend well with any pastel color scheme you have planned this spring.

As you can see in the photo below I can easily add some of this years decorating trends to this room with out getting to far away from my own style.  I could add fresh flowers to my table, add a few pillows in blue to add to the green and even add a rug in a gray or green to tie in with the other elements of our room!

Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-19

I hope you have fun adding this years decorating trends to your home! Let us know what you’ll be adding to your home this season by tagging @westvalleymomsblog on Facebook, and @westvalleymoms on Instagram and Twitter!

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