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Space Themed Bedroom Mobile – Kids DIY Craft

We are well into summer break… 

Oh, also. I’m a mom of four boys soooo, it be loud up in here.

One day last week, it was late in the afternoon and particularly loud so I decided to scroll Pinterest for some crafty ideas to incorporate some teamwork (EVERYthing is a competition, can I get an amen?!) and some quiet-ish time. Even just for a half an hour. 
We built our home and moved in about six months ago, so things are still in progress in the design category, for sure. The boys’ rooms are no exception. 
Currently, the three oldest share a room (because they really do legit love each other) and we’d gotten as far as letting them pick out these space themed comforters from Target for their bunk beds, plus some glow in the dark stars on their ceiling. 
I’ve been itching to finish up their space (lame pun) to help them feel more at home in there, so I dug out some pieces from the garage that could work in their new room, and decided our craft time could double as a step towards finishing up another wall in their room! 
I’ve had this photo mobile for years now that I knew I wanted to use it in there, and I knew I wanted to incorporate the phases of the moon somehow (after pinning multiple variations of them on Pinterest) but, could I marry the two ideas with limited craft supplies and a short amount of time before the baby woke up from his nap? 
Black construction paper and white crayons proved to be the stars of our show (hashtag more mom jokes) and then I grabbed a round tupperware and some scissors to cut out eight identical circles. I drew lines on the circles with the white crayon so the boys knew where to color and where not to, and then let them have at it! 
It’s their room, and I Iove when they can be invested in the design side of things! I love how this wall turned out, I love how EASY it was to throw together, AND now I’m excited to finish up this space for them once and for all! 
This is a guest post by our previous contributor Beth Ellis. Check out some of her previous posts here!
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