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Spa Day for Moms

Spa Day for Mom |

So Spring Break has arrived, and the kids are otherwise occupied. What’s a mom to do? How about a spa day vacation this Spring Break?

“Oh no, I couldn’t do that. The house and my husband and blah blah…” Listen, we’ve all been there and the same thoughts run through my head, but moms need to get away and relax too, and this could be the perfect chance. 

Here are some ideas for how to make your spa time work within whatever your specific limitations are and get busy on the kind of spring cleaning you’ll actually enjoy:

Limitation #1: The Kids Are Home

So you have youngsters who aren’t off in Cabo yet (thank goodness),  but that means you’re still at home too. So get a few of your girlfriends together and unionize to leave the kids with your hubbies for a few days and let them trade off. There are even estheticians, facialists and masseuses on Craigslist who will come to your home – just make sure you get someone reputable. 

You can do lots of spa treatments at home – need to renovate that dry, dull skin and clear pores? Make your own exfoliant. You can even make your own makeup at home. When there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Limitation #2: I Have No Money 

Petition for an early Mother’s Day/birthday present, cash in that growing penny jar at the Coinstar – or, have a home spa day like in Limitation #1! Audrina Patridge’s pumpkin facial is a cheap, luxe treatment you can do right from your own kitchen. But I encourage you to find a way to get out of the house. It’s good to get a break and it’ll make you appreciate what happens within the walls of your home all the more. 

Limitation #3: I Wouldn’t Know What To Get Done

It’s been a hot minute since us moms have gotten anything professionally done, and it’s a bit intimidating to walk into an exotic gal asking compulsorily, “What’s your skin type? What’s your hair texture?” Err… should I know that? Listen, don’t feel uncomfortable. Not everyone who comes in there is a beauty expert and they don’t expect you to know everything. You’re probably not being judged as much as you think you are. 

Spa treatments are less about looking great after (though that’s an added bonus) and more about feeling relaxed and pampered. Have whatever done you think will offer you the most relaxation and spoiling; that’s what will always make you happiest.  

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