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Seder Survival… The Mom Way

WVMB Sedar Survival 1A Seder meal is the retelling of the Jewish flight from Egypt, the Exodus. Which is what I would like to do every time I sit down with my family at a Seder meal. It’s chaos.

Having little ones sit still during a Passover Seder is nearly impossible. There are all kinds of pretty and shiny things set on the table and then top that with an hour of prayer and reflection before we can even think about eating.  I don’t know about your kids, but mine have the shortest attention span unless there is some sort of media device or toy that will keep them occupied.  

During last years Seder, both my kids were acting crazy and wanting to touch everything on the table. So this year, we have decided to do Seder a different way… my way… the kid friendly way.  

First off, plastic table cloths, plastic silverware, and paper plates. The kids table settings would include coloring haggadahs (prayer book), a plastic cup of grape juice for the prayer over the wine, and enough matzah on their paper plate to build a house.


But the most important part of the kid friendly way, is keeping them involved as much as possible. This is the part I remember the most from being a kid at Passover.  The kids in my family always had a special role, whether it was reading the four questions, or hiding the afikomen (playing hide and go seek with matzah).

Keeping it fun and the kids engaged is what will leave a lasting impression and keep the tradition alive.

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