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Road Trip Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

I always look forward to summer vacation and exploring with my four year old. We usually drive to California to escape the heat, but in the summers past, she and I have also flown to North Carolina, (when I swore to never fly with her again, but that’s a story for another time 😉 Oregon and Texas. 
Recently, we flew to Texas and drove back to Arizona with my sister and her girls. Two adults, a four, three and two year old. Oh, and my fourteen year old niece, which should be one of my tips: bring a teenager! I’m a single mama, so in your case that might be a husband, but in my case she is beyond helpful! 


1.Snacks, lots of snacks! Something about sitting in a car for long hours make you want to snack. This will save money, time and hopefully sanity. Some of our favorites include:   Zbars, fruit snacks, apple sauce pouches, animal crackers, beef jerky. Each kiddo has their own water bottle. We are bringing a cooler for cold water and snacks. Carry your food in a tote or plastic container with a lid. 
2. A new toy or movie works wonders! Some things we always bring: mess free markers and paper, window clings, stickers, a coloring book, small figurines and one stuffed animal or “wubby”. 
3. DVD players, favorite movies and headphones. And/Or an iPad- make sure to download games or movies that don’t require you to have WIFI for them to work. 
4.Plan ahead, we will be driving for fifteen hours and will break it up in two days. We booked a hotel room to sleep and will stop about every two hours for potty and stretch breaks.
5. Bring extra blankets, baby wipes and maybe a few special treats (i.e. dum dums for bribing 😉 Be prepared that everything may not run perfect.

Lastly, have patience and make memories!

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