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Pretend That You’re Licking My Private Parts

Pretend That You’re Licking My Private Parts – if this was said by your child any mama would FREAK!!!

I heard this EXACT STATEMENT from the back seat of my minivan today…

(No my title wasn’t meant to get you to click on this post – those were the exact words I heard) as I was driving with my two older kids to pick up the younger kids from daycare.

I abruptly turned the music off and asked what this conversation was all about. Obviously, I was concerned. But before pulling over the vehicle in a COMPLETE panic mode I waited (gave them a chance to speak) to see how this conversation between my 1st grader and Pre-K kiddo came to be.

My kids were playing with some stuffed puppy toys *phewph!* and thus I quickly understood why a comment like that was made – since that is how my children have observed our dogs cleaning themselves. Innocent enough.

I told them that while yes, this was an accurate statement for describing dogs behavior it was not appropriate conversation when playing with toys. It’s certainly our job to guide our children in these instances. I shared with my children that we have to be careful with our words. My daughter has received a “Yellow Day” at school just for running on the sidewalk. This kind of stuff hurts her deeply…making mistakes. In her school career she has had a couple days that she made mistakes. It crushes her – which crushes me. In the past she has come to us saying crying, confessing of what it was that she did that day, running on the side walk, throwing an orange at lunch…saying this statement at school could have got her in trouble. It’s possible in a different environment that these words would be a huge issue. I was thankful they were in front of me – so I had the opportunity to have a discussion with my children.

And so it got me thinking…..

it really is so important to take the opportunity to discuss appropriate talk when the opportunity arrises. I must admit I was not at all prepared in this instance but thought I would get us all armed and ready incase a little one makes a statement that gets your mama heart racing like mine was.

Here is a simple download you can use to go over any words or phrases that might require some discussion. I don’t know if this is the best tool but my hope is that it will help guide you and open conversations between you and you kiddo(s). 

Have you ever found yourself in the same position that I was? How did you handle it? 

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