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Preschool Christmas Party Ideas

“Christmas is for children” people always say, but Christmas parties aren’t always. Have you ever thrown a party just for the little ones?

Preschool Christmas Party Ideas | West Valley Moms Blog

A few years back, we participated in a preschool co-op, where a group of moms got together and each took turns teaching. My turn kept landing on holidays (or lessons right before them) which I kind of loved since I’m a party-planning addict.

We incorporated some school into the event, practicing letters and numbers, but much of the time was spent making Christmas crafts and eating cute Christmas food. The other moms helped to make the food and were so great to be willing to supply the things I suggested. Instead of a white elephant gift exchange, we exchanged favorite reading books. (I tried to do it like the white elephant game where you can steal each others books, but they were completely confused about how it could be ok to steal. For more details about worksheets and learning activities, visit my blog. Here are some of the highlights that would work well for any Christmas party!

Preschool Christmas Party Ideas | West Valley Moms Blog

This project served as both a math activity and a craft project. I gave them strips of different lengths of green paper and once they had put the strips in order from widest to smallest, we were able to glue them down to build a Christmas tree. They decorated their trees with old-school foil stars {inspiration}.

Preschool Christmas Party Ideas | West Valley Moms Blog

And since we are talking Christmas trees and shapes, this is the ornament we made. I prepped the trees before they came–hot gluing the popsicle sticks together and adding the pipe cleaner loop on top. then the kids got to add whatever puff ball or jewels (from Target Dollar Spot) they wanted. We talked about how it is a triangle shape with three sides. {inspiration}

Preschool Christmas Party Ideas | West Valley Moms Blog

I love how our little Rudolph foot print project turned out {inspiration}. I painted their feet with brown paint and helped create the footprint. Then they got to decide which googlie eyes to add and glued on the pretzel antlers and puff ball red nose.

Our other big activity was a book exchange. These guys were a little confused about how it worked, but it was a fun way to get some new books to read.

Of course, we can’t forget the party portion of the party. I am so lucky that the other moms in the group were willing to go along with all of the fun (and crazy) food ideas I had pinned, and helped prepare all of these cute elements to our meal.

Preschool Christmas Party Ideas | West Valley Moms Blog

Reindeer Sandwiches {inspiration post}. Ours were ham and cheese and had raisins for the eyes and nose.

 Preschool Christmas Party Ideas | West Valley Moms Blog

Christmas Tree veggie tray {inspiration post}. It’s always a good thing when you can make veggies fun! And this is so cute, right?

I busted out the stripey straws, candy canes and sprinkles for the hot cocoa we served. TIP: dress up those boring foam cocoa cups with a strip of festive washi tape!

 Preschool Christmas Party Ideas | West Valley Moms Blog

And one more project/dessert, before they left. We frosted these sugar cones with green icing and stuck on sixlets and star candies that I found at Target. Alright, so I did this tree as a demo, but the kids trees were cute, too! This took so much less prep than making sugar cookies for them to decorate. And they loved it! {Inspiration}

For more ideas about holiday activities and fun that are geared toward the little ones, check out my Christmas Preschool Party Pinterest board! So many fun things to do! What do you do with the kids to keep them busy when school is out and the holidays are approaching?

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