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Preparing For A Milk Bath Photoshoot


My sweet baby girl recently turned 6 months old. She has been breast milk strong since day one! I wanted to share with my mommy network the beautiful milestone pictures we recently had taken by Chrissy of Let Me See You Sparkle Photography

and what you can do when Preparing For A Milk Bath Photoshoot.


I came to Chrissy with a screenshot of an image I saw and she totally delivered me the photos I was dreaming of! I am so madly in love with these pictures and I will cherish them forever.

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The Purpose::

I wanted to do a breastfeeding photoshoot so that I can hold onto these memories of bonding time I got with my baby girl. How am I supposed to know when she plans to wean? What if she no longer wants mommy’s milk tomorrow? I doubt that will happen, but if it did I would want something to look back at to remember those special times together.

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So you want to take some milk bath photos too?

What You Will Need::

  • Bathtub
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Floral Crowns (optional)
  • Fresh flowers
  • Lace dress (or something pretty and see through to get the naked/not naked vibe)
  • Did I forget to mention a baby?

The first 3 things are super simple. Bathtub. Milk. Water. Check, check and check!

The floral crowns were a must for me. I planned to make them myself but Chrissy pulled out some faux florals left over from another session and whipped them up real quick! Other floral crowns I recommend for your shoot!

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For the fresh flowers. I consulted Chrissy on the colors that were in the crowns she created. From there, I went to Sprouts and picked some fresh flowers that would coordinate.

The lace dress is where I got lucky. I checked out some on Etsy but I am frugal and the prices I found on there turned me off! So, I took to my mommy groups on Facebook. Lo and behold someone said they had EXACTLY what I was looking for and she sold it to me for just $15!!!

Lastly, a cute & sweet babe! In my opinion, that is the best part 🙂

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The Session::

We filled up the bathtub and added the milk until it was the opaque, white color we wanted. It ended up being about a gallon and a half.

A tip we found was to put the flowers in after you are in the tub so that they stay afloat as long as possible!

After that, she got going with some picture taking craziness and these beautiful images were brought to life from my inspiration image!

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A Series::

I am hoping that we can make it 1 year breastfeeding so I can get these images re-created & to document another milestone in our relationship! I love these photos now and I imagine I will love them forever. In my opinion, feeding your baby, bottle or breast, is such an important time in yours & their lives! It builds a huge connection and form of trust between you and your child!


2 Responses to Preparing For A Milk Bath Photoshoot

  1. Rebekah Stockton July 19, 2016 at 5:04 pm #

    Beautiful, both the pictures and the sentiment.

  2. Rachel
    Rachel July 19, 2016 at 6:12 pm #

    Love this so much! Wish I had done with my babies! <3

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