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Poolside Workout: Give It A “Tri”!

Happy child playing with mother in pool

Looking for a fun way to get some fitness in while your kiddos are enjoying some pool time?  Give this workout a “tri” for some fun strength and cardio during splash time.  Triathlons are a fun sporting event that consists of a run, bike and swim.  Host your own triathlon in the comfort of your backyard this summer!  Grab your yoga mat and get ready to sweat and smile!  Spend a full minute in each move for 3-5 rounds depending on your goals and energy level!


Triathlons start out with a run.  Begin with a strong plank pose, paying careful attention to your wrists in line with your shoulders, abs scooped in, knee caps lifted to engage your quadriceps.  Now hit the ground running!  You can alternate crunching your knee to your nose for some core work or work on “fanny kickers”!  


Flip over immediately and lie on your mat for the next movement series – bicycle!  In this classic abdominal/oblique move you crunch up while touching elbow to opposite knee.  The straighter and lower your opposite leg the more difficult the move.  Play with the speed – turn up the “tension” on your bike by slowing down the movement considerably and avoiding any use of momentum, then pump up your gear and increase speed for a little more cardio output! 


Time to flip over and work the back body in these swim moves.  Using straight arms and legs, alternate lifting opposing arm/leg.  This looks easy but you will soon notice this slight pulse of movement packs a good punch!  Of course this exercise MUST be followed up with an awesome canon ball right into the pool to finish out your workout with a refreshing smile and some playtime with the kiddos! 

(*Some side notes: please make sure your children are independent swimmers or you have another adult with their eyes on the kiddos at all times.  Also, as with any workout, consult your physician with any concerns and shoot me a message for any modification ideas you may be looking for!)

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