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Planning a Summer Vacation.. Is it Really Worth All This?

wvmb planning a summer vacationSummertime is here. That means the kids are out of school and it should be time for a little family R&R. OK, sounds easy enough, let’s take the kids, pack them up and go on a family vacation! 

First decision, where should we go. In our family, that is anything but an easy decision. Mom wants to go somewhere relaxing, like a beach, and just lie in the sand enjoy the ocean. However, Dad and the kids have other plans in mind. They love to do things like amusement parks, baseball games, pretty much be on the go, go, go.. all the time. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these activities too, in moderation. But when I think vacation, I think something more serene, more calming, more relaxing. Still, now that I am a mom, I have also come to the realization, that “family” vacations are far different than what a vacation really is in my mind. So, once we finally make decisions on WHERE it is we would like to go with our very precious vacation time, then we have to decide many other things including:

  • When we can go
  • Where we want to stay
  • Which parks/attractions we want to go to
  • How many days we will stay

And those are just the basic decisions. We also need to decide budgets, travel logistics, eating plans– so much goes into planning just a simple family vacation for 4 or 5 days. It is kinda ridiculous if you really think about it. It is like a full time job almost, just planning activities for our kids and our family. Again, don’t misunderstand me, I absolutely love making memories with my boys, spending time with them and sharing these vacations with them but at the end of the day, I have to wonder is it really all worth the hassle? Just how much fun are we all really having. The stress of planning, traveling, running from amusement park to amusement park? Sometimes, as we all stress and worry about all the details, I feel like the whole idea of the family vacation and togetherness gets lost in translation and we end up losing what it was all about in the first place. 

Now, with all this being said, full disclosure- we are in the midst of planning our family vacation to Southern California with my 10 and 7-year-old boys. We are planning on doing things like Legoland, the Legoland Waterpark, Seaworld, and if this mom is lucky, she will get her trip to the beach, but it will be short-lived and not nearly as relaxing as I might have once hoped. But as the end of the day, all I can hope and pray is that my children will remember the fun times, the memories and we can all laugh and giggle together. That is my hope for my children.

I want to spend time making memories with them, giving them memories to share with their children and families as they grow, this is why I keep telling myself we as parents continue to plan these crazy, always on the go vacations, because these are the memories that my children will remember and share as they grow older. 

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