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You Have My Permission

I received a text today that said, “It’s okay to be human and rest.” 

YES! I have permission to rest! I never realized that’s exactly what I was looking for.  Just another person to tell me that it’s okay to rest… I am always chasing something and while I love the feeling of accomplishment, today it was okay to just REST.  
Do you ever feel like you aren’t “allowed” to rest?  Or as if we almost have to “earn” the ability to take a break?
Resting isn’t something I’m used to doing. In fact, I feel guilty for resting when I do, because I know there is so much to get finished. I never rest because I know the second I sit still I will start to feel the guilt, or fall asleep….literally.  And quite possibly, I have a weird fear of being labeled as lazy.  So, it’s GO-GO-GO (and I actually love it that way.) However, I’m starting to stop and think ahead before signing up for everything…
I love that my kids are active and get to enjoy things as kids that maybe I didn’t when I was younger, but I know sometimes we need to slow down.  That’s what the husband tells me at least. Ryan (the husband) is great at reminding me that it’s all about quality of life.  Between 3 boys, multiple businesses, hobbies, fitness, family, friends, etc. life can get crazy. Life IS crazy.  Maybe everyone could appreciate a  “scheduled” rest day where we don’t have to rush around all day long?  Is this a thing?  Instead of a “staycation”, let’s have a “permission to rest day.” And, not a, “Oh good, a day at home to catch up on meal prep, laundry, school projects, reading, blogging, planning, decorating, shopping, cleaning, organizing, crafting, chores, cleaning the garage, yard work day” but a true DO NOTHING day.
After the GoRuck Tough Challenge last weekend and Spartan Super this weekend, I currently feel like I am totally worn down, so resting sounds amazing, but any day that begins to look free, I’m always adding more to the list.  Does anyone enjoy a day to do nothing?  I’m not even sure I know how to do it, but I can’t help but feel that it is good to recharge the battery every once in a while… I feel really “blah” when I just sit around, but I know that I need it. We all need it

But, like I said, I’m always chasing some big goal. Today my goal is to rest and recharge.  I am committed to the challenge.



One Response to You Have My Permission

  1. Meg March 23, 2017 at 1:35 pm #

    Rest? What is this word you speak of? I hope you find it in yourself to truly commit to that day or rest! Think of it as rejuvenation–not laziness!

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