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Peace of Mind with Owlet

My first son was five months old when I found out we were expecting again. At no point before my doctors appointment did I ever dream anything would or could go wrong. 

It was exciting and we were thrilled to announce to our family. I brought my son, mother and sister in law to my appointment so thankfully, I had support when…

The doctor told me the baby had no heartbeat. I didn’t understand. I already loved this baby and wanted him. I was already his mom. It didn’t matter that he was so small they couldn’t tell gender. I knew it was a little boy. I couldn’t protect him and he was gone. A sense of fear and helplessness settled into my heart and mind after that and I couldn’t shake it.

Through my second and third children’s pregnancies and births I was always terrified of something happening. I couldn’t rest easy. I couldn’t be calm and confident nothing would happen, because it had happened. I lost a baby. Irrational fears would take over and I would wake up so many times just to make sure they were breathing and responsive. I never got any sleep and I’m sure my anxiousness transferred to my kids.

Fast forward a couple years and I have just had my fourth baby.  A friend recommended the Owlet. I was skeptical at first and thought it would just be an extra baby product being pushed by major corporations. It was not. The first night I put it on I checked my app so many times just to see the beautiful oxygen levels in my son’s body. The level of ease I felt was immeasurable. Knowing that I would be able to respond immediately if my child’s oxygen levels or heart rate changed was a gift to my mind. I slept over seven hours the second night we used the Owlet.

I haven’t had a solid night sleep in years, and now with a newborn I am consistently getting six or seven a night. I have no doubt in my mind that the Owlet is providing me with a deep sense of calm and reassurance that there is an extra set of eyes helping watch over my baby. 

I would have said before that peace of mind could never be bought. Now I know it’s possible with the Owlet.

This is a sponsored post for Owlet. This is an honest review about a product we love! 

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