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Painting With As You Wish For St. Patrick’s Day + Mint Cookie Recipe

When most of us think of St. Patty’s Day we automatically go the green, Celtic, clover route BUT today I have a clean and modern way that you can celebrate this fun festivity.

BONUS…you can use this plate as a special way to celebrate accomplishments, graduations, etc.

As many of you may know we are ambassadors for As You Wish. When we were deciding on our St. Patty’s Day project I wanted something I could use year round. If you know me you know I love all things clean, modern and in shades of gray/white. Basically polar opposite of St. Patty’s Day (oops hehe!) But this is how I married my personal style with this festive and VERY GREEN holiday!

I EVEN included an easy, impression project for your kiddos to try (inspiration from Vicky Barone.) My daughter loved this project and even though it seems very simple I did have to guide her a little and help her with filling in the “clover leaves.”

For the full project details visit our post with our partners As You Wish!

Pssst! you didn’t think we had forgotten about the mint cookie recipe did you?! Well as with any holiday, my littles love to have something sweet to celebrate. So I decided some of my VERY FAVORITE Cerreta’s mint candies were a must! We kept it REAL simple on this one (read I used premade sugar cookies + added a couple other ingredients!) Hope you enjoy our craft + recipe for St. Patrick’s Day!

Cerreta's Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
A minty fresh treat for your St. Patrick's Day celebration!
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  1. 1 Package - Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough (ready to bake squares)
  2. 1/4 Cup Flour
  3. 8 Cerreta's Mint Candies
  1. Knead flour into the sugar cookie dough
  2. Chop mints to chocolate chip size
  3. Knead chocolate into sugar cookie dough
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes
  5. Add green M&M's for a fun touch
  6. Add candy in the center for about 1-2 minutes
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We are an As You Wish Ambassador and received product/payment for our St. Patty's Day project. As always my opinion is my own and my posts are always honest.

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