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Painted Jar Bank Craft

It’s summer break around these parts and we are always looking for fun, hands-on activities to do to keep us busy when we are beating the heat inside. Today I am sharing how to make a Painted Jar Bank. The kids will love this! Plus, you can use this as an incentive and a money saving life lesson! 

Painted Jar Bank

You will need a couple of pint mason jars, chalkboard bank lids, paint, chalk/chalk pen, sponge brushes, and newspaper. The craft supplies can be bought at your local craft store. I found the chalkboard bank lids in a 2 pack at Michael’s and used a 40% coupon on it, so it cost me under $2 for the pair. 

painted jar bank2

Lay out your news paper or paper, take the lids off the jars, and flip the jars upside down on the paper. Using the sponge brushes, paint the jars. We used chalk paint because I love the look of it on the mason jars. 

painted jar bank3

After we painted sides and the bottoms, we let the dry while we decided what each jar would be for.

painted jar bank4

Using a chalk pen, I wrote on the chalkboard bank lids and let them dry too. 

painted jar bank5

Once everything is dry, screw the lids on. They are ready to help your kiddos start saving!

painted jar bank7

My daughter has been encouraged to save her birthday and holiday money as well as her chore money. These jars make it really fun! Do you encourage your kids to set financial goals and save their money?


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