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Our Danzeisen Dairy Creamery Tour

This week we were so excited about the opportunity to take a tour of one of our very favorite grocery products!

The Danzeisen Dairy brand is one that you can find in our own personal homes. So when we had the chance to connect with this brand that we were already loyal to, we jumped at it.

The family behind this brand has long had roots in the West Valley. “Neil and Gertrude Viss, grandparents of present day owners, moved to Phoenix in 1959 from Southern California to rent the first dairy of the family business near 51st Avenue and Northern Avenue.” For us West Valley Moms it’s good to know that this brand is operated by a group with “rich family history of farming.” But what is most important of all is that they are providing the very best dairy products that we are placing on the table in front of our own family.

Jaime McLaughlin, co-owner at West Valley Moms Blog, said, “I love that they don’t use artificial flavors or colors! And to see how the whole process worked was awesome. It is so nice to see a company take pride in every step of their process and go above and beyond to deliver quality product. Not only is it so yummy, but it’s a brand I can trust for my family.”


As if we didn’t already love this local company. Learning more behind the brand totally sealed the deal for us! They are so passionate about their product and go beyond the set standards during the pasteurizing and bottling process. These great lengths they take are to ensure that they are “providing the best tasting milk” in stores. 

More About The Brand::

Danzeisen Dairy is a local, family run dairy farm with over 50 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Their dairy is the first local, Phoenix dairy to offer glass bottles to grocers within the Arizona market – direct and fresh from a local dairy farm only 10 miles from downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Danzeisen Dairy offers the freshest, best tasting milk direct from the farm to your local grocer. 

Taking a traditional process of glass bottling and putting the tasty results of this process conveniently in our local grocery stores is the best! Often it’s difficult to get our hands on locally made products so we definitely appreciate having easy access to Danzeisen Dairy goods. 

“I love that they do everything the good old fashioned way!” says Nicole Mize – Editor at West Valley Moms Blog.


Core Values That Start With Cows::

“We take care of the cows, the cows take care of us.” This philosophy is the most important element of success for Danzeisen Dairy. Values such as freshness, family, and integrity translate into an authentic quality product. As a result of these core values, Danzeisen Dairy has flourished as a company and has now developed a new line of premium, family-owned product for Phoenix right from its own backyard.

Just like us Danzeisen Dairy is all about their home town! From hosting a Waffle Luv event for locals this Saturday (head on over and say hi) to working with NFL & MLB teams (logos proudly printed on the glass bottles.) During our tour there was even a local music teachers meeting with them about setting up class for littles right there at the dairy. 

Rachel Harding, co-owner of West Valley Moms Blog said, “Meeting with Kevin Danzeisen (general manager) was such a great experience. I felt like I was on a tour of his home. He was so proud of this family brand and the products they make, and for good reason. I’m really excited to see what’s next for this local brand that my entire family loves.”

The Future Looks Bright::

At Danzeisen Dairy, we have a passion for our livestock that we want to pass onto our family for years to come. We want to invest more and more into the comfort of our cows – they take care of us in return! No plastic is used in any of our product. Our milk comes straight from our dairy and gets bottled into ice cold glass containers to ensure pristine freshness and the best taste possible. We know that the best way we can invest more confidently into our cows is to provide the best tasting, highest quality products directly to our valued customers and the Phoenix community.

Did you know?! That in addition the the dairy products you can find at stores that Danzeisen Dairy also makes butter?!  Flavors include Sweet Cream, Cinnamon Sugar and Rosemary Garlic. We can’t wait until Kevin and the team can get those goodies in stores so we can buy EVEN MORE Danzeisen Dairy diary goods.

This is a sponsored post for Danzeisen Dairy. We were honored to take the Danzeisen Dairy creamery tour and receive goodies to take home! Our opinions are our own and this post is an honest one.

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