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Locally Made, Organic Baby Food and One Happy Mama!


As a nutritionist and a soon-to-be mother, I uttered the following words last summer.

“As soon as my son is born and is old enough for solids, I will be making all of his food myself.”

I also said I’d pump a freezer stash full of milk (which I never produced enough to do), that I wouldn’t co-sleep (he’s still in our bed), and that I’d wait until he was older for us to travel (his first unavoidable business-trip with us was at ten weeks old.) We live, we learn, we do the best we can.

Fast forward six months to find me, eating my own words as a mother of a baby who didn’t care much for the concept of sleep or eating anything made in my own kitchen.

Not wanting to buy regular jarred baby food, and choosing to nap or shower over standing in the kitchen pureeing vegetables, I found myself in a pickle.

I knew I wanted my son to get optimum nutrition through organic food, I wanted it to be fresh and I wanted it to be easy.

Enter, Mini Fresh Baby Food.  

The women who run this company are literal time-savers. Sleep-savers. Life-savers.

Their commitment to fresh, organic and delicious foods for little ones makes this mama extremely happy and my little guys tummy agrees. With flavors ranging from Stage 2’s Peas and Carrots or Apples and Bananas for 6+ months, Stage 3’s Date and Oats or Pina Colada Blend for 10+ months, all the way to the delectable Tots Bundle options that include Quinoa Bits and Veggie Quiche, there are options to keep your little one fed from their first bite all the way through toddler hood and your schedule free to tend to other things. Like baby raising.

Their generous portions, sustainable glass packaging, and preservative, salt and sugar-free options make meal planning easy. Their snacks and lactation bars are also the perfect diaper bag addition for older siblings and moms on the go. You can order Baby or Toddler Bundles, as well as Baby Led Weaning food options, snacks and more.

For more on Mini Fresh and to set up your order:


This is a sponsored post with Mini Fresh. We received product for review. But my opinions are my own and this post is an honest one.

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