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One Mother’s Pregnancy Story:: From Defeat To An Anthem of Hope

Pregnancy Story

My mama-story is such a fun one for me to share because first, it’s a chance to brag on my God a bit and that’s always fun, but it also gives me the opportunity to offer the same hope to other mamas that was offered to me in a time of defeat.

Maybe today, that will be YOU! 

Six and a half years ago:: I had an emergency c-section after close to twenty hours of labor and two hours of pushing that basically got me nothing except a baby in distress with every contraction and every push.

We walked out of that hospital two days later as brand new parents of a healthy baby boy who changed our world in all the best ways. After all, children are the best kind of “adult-growing-machines” out there, amiright?!

About a year later:: I had some severe abdominal pain, an emergency room visit, and an ultrasound showed us that I had scarred internally from the c-section and only a fraction of the scar tissue could be removed through laparoscopic surgery. Due to all that scar tissue, my second c-section, another year later, took three times as long as expected, but we walked out of the hospital with our second healthy baby boy!

Follow up doctor appointments led to discussions about the danger of future pregnancies. We had multiple doctors tell us that a third pregnancy was a big risk since the scarring would just be compounded with each c-section. The longer it took for them to get to the baby, the more danger the baby and myself would be in, so they thought it best to play it safe. NOT what we wanted to hear. We didn’t feel like our family was complete yet and it didn’t feel fair for someone else to be able to make this call for us. But God. He just kept whispering to me that He was bigger than all of this and that He had bigger plans than these doctors did. 

God kept showing up, guiding our steps, and eventually He led us to a new doctor who we sought out for a second opinion. This doctor actually prayed with our family there in his office and I straight up ugly cried. He told us that there were other options. There was hope. Thank you, Jesus.

3 years later:: I cried all the happy tears the first time I held our third baby boy – the one other doctors had said wasn’t worth the risk. Our doctor left the operating room that day telling us to go ahead and try again for another baby if we wanted! More hope. More ugly crying. More thankfulness. 

Nine short months later:: I took a pregnancy test and we found out that we were pregnant with our FOURTH baby boy and he’s been rocking our world for the last eight weeks, as healthy as can be! 

Thinking back to that doctor on call – the one who delivered my second baby,

I remember how annoyed she was that this surgery she got called into was taking so long. I remember her wheeling me out, minutes after surgery, when all my hormones were just starting to go wonky. Without even trying to muster up some bedside manner, she told me (as she was walking away) to seriously re-think having more kids. 

How she could so easily hand out a verdict like that to someone who wasn’t even her patient?!

How could she make us doubt the plans we had for our future without a second thought?

Off she went to get herself some lunch, and off I went into a dark year of postpartum depression. But God. I’m so thankful that His voice was louder and that His plan was bigger than us “playing it safe”. Obviously, there were other options and obviously there was HOPE.

We just had to be willing to muster up the faith

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