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One Line A Day To My Kids

I am constantly feeling the pressure of doing better and being this amazing mom that documents ALL.THE.THINGS. in the sweetest and most creative way. But guess what?

That’s freakin’ hard to do. It’s like a competition all the time and I’m over it.

Can’t we just snap a few pictures and throw them in an album for our kids to cherish years down the road? You know, like the good ole’ days? Not where they’re plastered all across the internet and we have to then upload and print straight from there to get a hard copy.
Okay, I’m being dramatic, I know this.
I decided to turn a new leaf. I picked the ‘Mom’s One Line A Day’ book from Amazon for all three of my kids and it’s been so refreshing to dig into. The idea behind it goes back to being a book that’s dated for 5 years. This means each day you sit and write one quick line to each of your babies and then you can keep the book for yourself when it’s filled or pass it along to them.
How amazing is that?
I came across a big pile of letters from my parents a few weeks back from when I was in 4th grade and at church camp. It brought tears to my eyes reliving exact moments and I was grateful my mom kept those memories for me. 
Ultimately, I hope one day when I gift these books to my three kids, they’ll be hugging me in gratitude for taking the time to write to them every day. Even if it simply says “I love you.” because we just can’t hear that enough.

One Response to One Line A Day To My Kids

  1. Jeanne May 29, 2017 at 6:03 am #

    I was given this as a gift when pregnant with my first. I loved the simplicity of it….and made it three months before missing an entry. Then I fell asleep before enering my daily line and it was downhill from there. This book became just one more line on my to-do list….one more deadline unmet for which I felt guilt. So I gave it up. It is a beautifully simple concept…just not meant for me.

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