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What One Item Would You Take? Such A Silly Question I Thought As I Witnessed My Home On Fire

This a story about my house fire and what I took away from the experience.

I still remember it like yesterday. We were headed to make a turn around trip to Target for diapers and dinner stuff. We grabbed the kids stuff (no diapers since we were out), I snagged a piece of Halloween candy, locked the door and to the store we raced…being on the last diaper is always a real gamble. We probably broke a world record with how quick we made it in and out the store we all know and LOVE! We ran into some friends in the parking lot and said a quick hello. Then it was time to get back home to cook dinner.

When we got home we knew something was wrong. My husband heard our fire alarms as we walked up to our home completely unsuspecting.

You know how people ask what ONE ITEM you would run into your burning home for? What ONE AND ONLY item you would risk your life to save. Such a silly question I thought, as I witnessed my home on fire. In that moment there wasn’t any “thing” I thought of. I just grabbed my babies and sat them on the curb in front of our house. I took some time to tell them it was OK (they were understandably upset) as I watched my husband disappear around the back of the house, while smoke poured out our front door. No “thing” came to my mind in that moment. Just them. My family.

After he had opened the front door I could see from the sidewalk that there was so. much. smoke. Our entire house was filled. My mind was racing but all I could focus on was keeping my babies safe.

By now my husband had located the fire and it was in our kitchen…the stove top to be specific. It was October and we ,luckily, had left the kitchen window above our sink open so he was able to knock the screen in, run the hose from our backyard through the window and put our kitchen fire out himself.

Praise the Lord of this man that took matters (safely) into his own hands.

Insurance adjusters later told us if the fire department had come out that the damage would have been extensive because they typically break in walls looking for any live embers. We did play it safe and contact our friends who live just minutes away – the husband is a firefighter and we took the correct steps he told us to ensure the fire wouldn’t reignite later that night!

Once the fire was out my husband went into the house that was FULL.OF.SMOKE. He has asthma by the way. I didn’t like this situation so I told him to get out of there, last thing we needed was for him to have an asthma attack. He said we needed to get a hotel. There was no way we could sleep at home with all the smoke (hello carbon monoxide poisoning) I told him we could stay with family. He wasn’t thinking clearly but I was. Of course that’s the best option he told me. So we grabbed our dog, our kids, our two bags of diapers and groceries and headed to my mother-in-law’s house.

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