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Not Today Bunny:: Healthy Living As A Mother

Healthy living is definitely more challenging since I’ve became a mother. Here are the six points that define my mom bod but also keep me striving to be healthy and a little bit of my struggles.

First, when people say the baby weight just magically disappears when your child turns one or gets close to one I’m not completely convinced. I have 3 months to go and about 20 more pounds to lose before she’s one whether it will happen or not I’ll keep you posted on that. Fingers crossed though!

Second, I feel like it was so much easier to get in shape before I had a baby. I could eat when I wanted to it wasn’t surrounding a nap schedule or when the baby was ready to eat lunch. You just have so much more time. Now, I sit here and wonder where the day goes. Everything feels like it’s flying by. Before baby I had my schedule set on the times I was going to the gym and when I was going to eat. Now, if I make it through the day with everything I had planned it’s a miracle. Every time I plan to go somewhere there is a crazy fit or we have a diaper explosion. But the key is to keep moving change the diaper and don’t give up on your plan for the day or you’ll never end up anywhere. 

Third, I started to really get back into the gym lost about 10 pounds with a lot of work and kind of got down a little after it took what felt like forever and the hopes of one day fitting back into my pre pregnancy clothes just diminished and I was giving up. I had always been pretty fit and never had to work too hard for it. It’s really hard to go from fit to fat then having the daily motivation to get back to fit.

Fourth, I don’t know about you but when I see mom’s that are in amazing shape I want to applaud them. Wow. You did it, I can do it, keep fighting. But then a little part in me dies because…, “oh look how fit she is and she has 4 kids”. Woah Woah woah. Ok her youngest is like 4 not a baby. It’s a total different ball game after you just have a baby. It takes time. It took nine months to change your body you can’t expect to just jump right back to normal, just remember that.

Fifth, the lovely in laws. I don’t know about you but mine had to remind my Fiancé that females use pregnancy as an excuse to get fat. Not to mention, I was already having my own battle with myself on accepting the fact I will gain weight and this comment just loomed over my head. I was about 4 months pregnant and you could start to notice a bump. My family wanted to photo it and I wanted to hide it. I’m not going to lie I definitely had body image issues and it was hard to deal with the fact I was getting bigger. But after someone says those words, “watch her she will get fat on purpose”. Gosh it killed me. I didn’t want to but I did. I flat out broke down crying I couldn’t contain myself. I tried to hide it from my Fiancé but he knew when I walked in the door I needed him. He looked me in the eyes and said your beautiful you’re creating my child, you are not fat. Those are the moments that really helped me through it.

Sixth, let your significant other be the support that you need. My Fiancé and I have made a promise to each other that we will push each other to be healthier get back into the gym with love and support. It has been working great. He pushes me and I push him. We also get some one on one time at the gym that we don’t really get normally and it’s been helping us grow as a couple.

Don’t listen to the voice in your head saying you can’t do it.

You can do it. You got this! Keep pushing.

Being a mommy is hard work and trying to be healthy is even harder. You need “you” time too, so take some! Even if you have to work out with your little in one arm..Do it. Make it fun for the both of you. Try to eat healthy, trust me I battle this one every day. Those chocolate bunnies sitting in the pantry call my name… just stay strong and say not today bunny, not today.

You got this Mommy!

IMG_2656IMG_2657The first picture is before I got pregnant and the second is three months after having Averie. Working on getting back to before baby body!



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