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Newborn Essentials (with discount codes!)

How many questions do we all have when we first have a baby?

Where do I start? What do I buy? What do I need?

We have a few must have newborn items that will help you out in the process of all the new changes in motherhood and newborn life. To start, keep it simple. Besides diapers and a boob (or bottle), they don’t need much. But these few items are so incredible, simple and help out a ton! (Also, some of the links have coupon codes in them!

#1. The DockATot Deluxe – This is a literal must have and totally at the top of our list. The DockATot is a safe space for the baby to sleep in and it makes sleep transitions a breeze. As the baby gets older, transition him or her into the DockATot Grand and they baby doesn’t even notice that its anywhere else! And its perfect for traveling. Bring the DockATot when you go out of town, to a friends house and the baby has its same sleeping environment with them wherever you go! (Click on the link and get $10 off your DockATot purchase!)

#2 The Ollie Swaddle This swaddle is so simple, easy to use and so effective in helping the baby feel nice, tight and snuggly like it was in the womb. I remember trying to swaddle the baby with a regular blanket and it was almost comical. Baby wiggling out, never staying together and baby waking up a few minutes later. But with the Ollie Swaddle, its velcro so the baby stays put and sleeps great! And the bottom part opens for easy diaper changing! (Click the link and get 10% off your Ollie Purchase!)

#3 Milestone Baby Cards – Capture your baby’s milestones each month with these cute cards. Thankfully smart phones are incredible these days, so no need for a fancy camera. Just lay it next to baby, snap and share away! 

#4 Finn and Emma – We love Finn and Emma for many different reasons, but one is the organic clothing options. They are simple, so beautiful and I think we can all celebrate that we know they are organic. But we absolutely love the wooden play gyms. They are quality, simple, can be easily cleaned and you can place it anywhere in the house where the baby is laying down relaxing and needing some additional stimulation. 

#5 Shop Binxy – Hello easy grocery shopping! We LOVE this sling for the grocery cart. It fits most size grocery carts and makes your shopping experience hands free. And when we have a newborn, its pretty rare that we get any hands free moments. (you might find yourself grocery shopping more than usual!) Click the link to get 10% off your purchase! 

And guess what?? DockATot + Milestone baby are BOTH sponsors for our Bloom event! We will have a gorgeous DockATot Deluxe as a giveaway as well as some Milestone Baby Cards! You do not want to miss this event! Tickets are on sale now and we only have a few left! Click here to get your tickets! 

What are YOUR newborn must haves? We wanna hear – so comment below.

This is a sponsored post for some of the companies mentioned above. We received product to share but our opinions are our own and this post is an honest one.

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